Through the use of paint and found objects, Pridaʼs nichos tell stories of fragility, mortality, fear, pain, survival, resilience, gratitude, unconditional love, the positive power of many and healing. Pridaʼs nichos reflect a recalibration of herself, on a physical, philosophical, spiritual and artistic level.

Rodríguez returned to his South Texas roots in 1989. Rodríguez has no formal art training. He has been painting since 2001. Rodríguez works are reflections of his journey on earth, mortality, peace, spiritual beliefs, joys and sorrows. His heart and soul are exposed for all to see. Rodríguez’s technique is the frenetic random use of color while scraping his paint onto canvas with forks, knives, branches, digits, rocks and many other objects to create his images. He is constantly searching for what is beyond the superficial and approaches every piece as if it were his last. Beyond that, eloquent artist’s statements and esoteric explanations are not necessary.

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